The Other things…


I realize that my use for Mailchimp need a little bit more thought than I anticipated and that technical issues are a real pain in my… character.

Therefore, I need a break!

So, I decided to work on my new video prototype to showcase my music on Youtube.

And on Youtube, you’ll notice that we often see still images for backgrounds, while the music plays when there are no music videos.

It’s fine and it does the job… really. But I wanted something a little bit more original than the usual artist name and song title on a black screen.

Then, I was thinking…

Why not use a still video background of my Ableton Push playing by itself, while I put my artist name and song title on front of it!

Ok, it does sound the same, but with a twist. You know, just like those old Western credit opening in the 50’s. Or, maybe it has already been done and I should get out more. Get a hair cut or something.

Fun fact though… I’ve been cutting my own hair myself for about 10 years now. With my now deceased Golden Retriever clipper called Prince.

May you rest in peace brother.

Anyway, sometimes it’s great and other times it’s not. It all depends on the mood really…


So, about those Youtube video backgrounds.

Maybe, its best if I just show you… Like I said, I LOVE MOVING BACKGROUNDS!! And I’ll need to test this on something, so…

The song I’ll be using is called: Freedom’s a Bitch.

An unreleased song which I’m working on as we speak and that may or may not mark the start of a possible untitled ultra secret first new album!

Sounds catchy?! And not so secret anymore, right?

Here’s something to chew on…

I’ll keep you inform.

Signing out!

What if…

So, I was out there. Thinking…

What if I was a game developer instead of a music composer?! o.0 (Big time gamer here to be honest)

What type of game would I make?

First of all, I’m a sucker for pixel art games with retro vibe and a great soundtrack (…of course). Also, I absolutely love rogue-likes and platformers and metroidvania types.

And usually, I create things that I want or that I find missing in my life. So, what if I go deeper in that desire…? What type of game would emerge?

I would say that the idea started with Salt and Sanctuary and Kingdom: New Lands (the desire I mean). My game would definitely need to be 2D. You know, with those moving backgrounds? (Oh.. and I love moving backgrounds, it’s so prrettty!)

And RNG (Random Procedural Generation) Wait… Anywho, it would have to be a random layout for each playthrough, just like Rogue Legacy!

Also, I would have the combat to make you feel like a freaking Jedi with swords and magic and stuff!! Just like badasses where you die all the time? (That’s actually Dark Souls, but hey…)

So yeah, a randomly generated platformer where your pixelated ass dies as often and as awesomely as possible only to come back fresh and updated from the last run and ready to hack and slash the s*** out of bad guys with all that moving BACKGROUNDS GLORY!!! (Forgot to mention that I love Hack&Slash too.)

That said… While I was daydreaming about my career in game development… This came out. Like… today. O.o

It’s a game developed by Motion Twin, a company based in Bordeaux, France. (By the way, I’m french Canadian so… If you ever thought I was writing bad English? Now you know where it’s coming from.)

And that is the description they left on their Steam page:

Dead Cells is a rogue-lite, metroidvania action-platformer. You’ll explore a sprawling, ever-changing castle… assuming you’re able to fight your way past its keepers in 2D souls-lite combat. No checkpoints. Kill, die, learn, repeat.

… So I was like : “Whaaaatt!?!”

You will understand that they just saved me a lot of time, right? They literally just crushed any attempt from me to even THINK about looking at a tutorial on game developing software on youtube.

They call it a “RogueVANIA” type of a game. Which totally make sense…

I, for one, don’t need to make that game anymore. It got that awesome pixel art and slashing. An epic Soundtrack. Great sound design. And it’s random…

And I did feel like a Jedi when I got those dual swords…

Alright, that is all. Enough about gaming and let’s get back to Mailchimp so that I can promote what I really do.


Dead Cells Website


Adding up MailChimp!

To Follow Thinking Animals

Last week, I’d launch my new website. And like all the guru out there, I expect you to subscribe to it. Well, if you like what I do that is…

Also, it all depends on my skill to set up MailChimp to work. Obviously…

In other words, I look forward to gather your e-mails!

I’ll keep you inform on the development.



So here it is!

My new Website!

Still working on it…

My name is Guillaume Julien. I am a music composer and the soul behind Thinking Animals.

I wanted to create a confortable place where I can regroup all of my creations and blog the shit out of my youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp, instagram and what not.

So here it is!

We’ll talk about music, videos, photo montage and it will be awesome.